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Direct access to agents, executives & producers!!

Opening the Doors to Hollywood

Now available in the new, revised trade paperback edition

What the professionals are saying about
Opening The Doors To Hollywood®:

"A must read for anyone seriously interested in breaking into the motion picture business"
- Richard Zanuck, Producer
Jaws, The Sting, The Verdict, Driving Miss Daisy

"The best compendium of hard, factual information I've seen in any single book on film"
- Paul Lazarus
Former V.P. Columbia Pictures
Lecturer U.C. Santa Barbara Film Studies

"A feast! A banquet of useful information...indispensable not only for new writers but also for many who have substantial professional experience!"
- Professor Richard Walter
University of California Los Angeles
Screenwriting Chairman

"The most important and accurate "How To" book I've ever read"
- Tom Green
Writer, Magnum P.I., Knight Rider

"Opening The Doors to Hollywood can make your dreams come true...what a great asset!"
- Professor Val E. Limburg
Edward R. Murrow School of Communications
Washington State University

"Opening The Doors To Hollywood is one of those rare how-to-books wich actually tells us something. I wish I had read this book in my early years."
- William Greenblatt
Producer, Da, Last Judgment in Berlin

"It skips the pedantry and gets right to the meat. The sample letters and contracts alone are worth the price of the book."
- Steven C. Runyon
Director, Media Studies
UC San Francisco

"This is the best sourcebook I know of on how to get into Hollywood."
- Professor Millard F. Eiland, Ph. D.,
Prairie View, University of Texas

"This book offers a sensible treatment of writing and marketing for screens large and small."
- Professor Jay Boyer, Ph. D.,
Film Studies Program
Arizona State University

"This fascinating book is valuable not only for students and teachers, but also for the creative people who want to get into film and television."
- Professor Raj Kuman, Ph. D.,
Department of Communications
Biola university

"Finally a book that does it all! A brilliant, no-nonsense body of information that everyone going into the movie business needs to read."
- Professor Richard Peacock
Cinema Department
Palomar College

"This superbly organized book provides an invaluable overview of the American film business."
- Professor Gioacchino Balducci
Director Film Studies Program
Bowling Green State University

"An excellent work. A wealth of practical advice and example. I hope to adapt this book for next year's advance writing course."
- Professor Peter Orlik, Ph. D.
Broadcast & Cinematic Arts
Central Michigan State University

Tips from directors Arthur Hiller, Paul Mazursky, Mark Rydell,
Oliver Stone, & Robert Wise.

By acquiring the book Opening The Doors To Hollywood ® you will have access to keys that unlock some of the doors to Hollywood. From agents, career and development consultants, entertainment attorneys, libraries, producers, researchers, trade publications, and workshops to writers' organizations.


Opening the Doors to Hollywood

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