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Linda Buzzell
Host of Your Hollywood Career Chat Lounge

Linda Buzzell is Hollywood's top professional career counselor, author of How to Make It in Hollywood, (HarperPerennial), and director of the Entertainment Industry Career Institute in Beverly Hills.

What does it take to be successful in the most competitive business on the planet? Welcome to an ongoing discussion of the essential elements for career survival in Hollywood. Ms. Buzzell can answer your questions about landing that elusive Hollywood job... selling a script... pitching your talents and services to Hollywood players... choosing the right showbiz career niche for your talents and personality ... reviving a troubled career... attracting attention as a director... crossing over into showbiz from another field or from one showbiz niche to another... whether or not to go to film school ... overcoming self-sabotage, procrastination ... dealing with rough-tough Hollywood players...etc.

Linda Buzzell, M.A., MFCC
The Entertainment Industry Career Institute
441 South Beverly Drive, Suite 5
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 553-9660, fax: (310) 553-9662

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