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Your Hollywood Career File Drawer #4

Ref 124. Ms. Buzzell, I am making a trip out to LA very soon and would like to speak with people in development at major studios. Is there some way I can get someone to talk with me about career opportunities?
I am passionate about entertainment, but I am interested in a career behind the scenes rather than in front of the camera.


John Edwards

Ref 125. Ms. Buzzell, which "scriptware" would you suggest is formidable for the beginning screenwriter?


D. Lynn Eads

Ref 126. Dear Linda, Do you have any recomendations, for good scriptwriting software programs? Thanks. You can reach me at markh@iaonline.com.

Ref 127. I know a modeling agent that says that I can definately go national. If I know of any agencies that look for models, do I need to go through this agent, or can I do it on my own? Thanks alot,Stephanie. Contact me E-mail at Tara5@1x.netcom.com.


RESPONSE TO REF 124, JOHN EDWARDS: Talk to your local film commission and other local showbiz people or teachers to see if they can give you any contact names. Otherwise, get a copy of the Hollywood Creative Directory and just start writing to development execs. It's a long shot, but why not try? And don't forget to read my book "How to Make It in Hollywood" before you show up... Good luck!

RESPONSE TO REF 125, D. LYNN EADS: If you're talking about formatting, most people use "Scriptor." Also check out "script" magazine to see what they recommend in terms of "creative" software that *helps* you write your script. I'm not a big fan of the latter, but it's worth exploring.

RESPONSE TO REF 126, MARK H: See above.

RESPONSE TO REF 127, TARA: Read "Glam Scam," a book by Eric Joseph (Lone Eagle Publishing, 1994) before taking any action on your modeling career. It could save your life!

Unfortunately some of you are having problems. I apologize. The technical people tell me this site works best if you use Netscape otherwise you get these various problems.

Ref 128. I know a modeling agent that says that I can definately go national. If I know of any agencies that look for models, do I need to go through this agent, or can I do it on my own? Thanks alot,Stephanie. Contact me E-mail at Tara5@1x.netcom.com.

Ref 129. Have you visited our new Dealmaking Desks?

Ref 133. At the moment I am really interested in either working in commercials or being a movie extra. I don't want to be a big star or anything, just get a piece of the action!! I am finding it rather hard to find a place to submit my resume. In a way you could say that I'm in the wrong place to pursue this sort of thing, but I am still hopeful. If you would please E-mail me , 96ks96@st.gcsc.k12.in.us. Oh , by the way, I live in Indiana. S.K

Ref 135. I have a college degree in Theatre performance and have been out of
school for the past year and have been making television commercials
for about 8 months. I have been writing, producing and a little directing.
I want more though. I have left that job and been writing for the past few months
I have traveled out to LA just recently and received a lot of positive feedback.
But know how competitive it is, so I want to be as prepared as possible...My question
to you is should I go to film school? and if so where, and why. I have
gotten a bunch of different answers from a wide variety of people. thank you and I look
forward to hearing back from you. if you do e-mail, my address is

Ref 136. should I go to film school?

Ref 137. Dear Linda, I am a director/writer/producer My real talent lies in directing. I have been successful in the inductrial film genre garnering many awards including two for best director. My question is how do I get into feature film directing without ever having directed a feature? I know I have the talent and the organizational skills, and I am used to operating within a budget. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Kennneth Kemp (714)367-0036 KKemp@aol.com

Ref 138. Dear Ms. Buzzell, I am soon to be a sophomore at the University
of Wisconsin Parkside. I have always been interested in film making,
but I don't think I would make a very good actress.
I was wondering what other jobs could I do behind the scene.
I was thinking of maybe a movie director. Do you have any other

Ref 139. Dear Linda - I have been floating in a sea of What If's lately. The biggest is "What if I can't get a job inthe business due to my lack of experience but unending yearn, determination, and can't-sleep -at-night desire to be in the Biz. Yeah, it's a long what if, but it pretty much sums up my current state of mind. Actually, I have been setting up interviews butthe problem has been a lack of resource. Can you help? I would either like to be a Personal Assistant, but no one seems to be able to point me in the right direction. I'm single, thereofore I'm flexible for traveling. I'm interested in also being a Production Secretary but don't know who to go to. Linda, I am ON FIRE and ready to give up a stable Executive Secretary job at L.A. Times to pursue my dream to "be in pictures". Please call me at your earliest convenience at 800-926-6121 (wk) and ask for Lisa. I need a gaurdian angel, will you help?

Ref 140. Dear Linda,
I am an Australian Male Ballet dancer currently working in America,but I have a burning ambition to get into film work as an actor.I"m sure it sounds very cliche' but I would really love to have a crack at it,but to be perfectly honest I'm not sure where to start,and should I try to lose the accent?My e-mail is SJanes@gnn.com Thanks Sasha.

Ref 141. Linda: Very interested in your POV on the writers' strike of spring/fall 1988 and how it changed the industry. Most interested in your own personal reflections, memories, less interested in the actual time, events (got those from WGA already).

Part of research I am doing for a piece of fiction (not a screenplay this time!) involving a chracter who is affected by the strike.
I know how it affected me (stopped cold!) so I am interested in other persepectives.

Thanks,thanks, thanks. John Behm jbehm@village,ios.com

Ref 142. REF 125: There are good programs for both Macintosh and Windows. I am not really an expert, You can contact the Writer's Computer Store for a full list. they have an online site here as well. You can also use a plain wordprocessor like Microsoft Word. What really matters is your creativity.

Ref 143. LINDA,
I'm a teenager who wants to pursue acting as a full time career.Where
can I find the right colleges to attend? How can I find out which Talent
Agencies near me are good? How can I learn more acting techniques that will
help me in the future? Thanks for helping.


Ref 144. I'm an Egyptian (female) graduate of the American University in Cairo, Egypt. I received my degree in Communication Arts in 1985 and have been working advertising and video production for the last 11 years. i would like to move to feature film production now and would like to begin in the US or Europe as my spoken and written Arabic are quite poor and won't get me through film school in Cairo. Do you think that I should apply for an MFA in the US? Or should I look for a training program instead? Any suggestions? Thanks.

Ref 146. LINDA, My background is 20+ years in educational and non-profit theater, primarily as a producer/director, and an equal period of time writing for print. I have a masters degree in playwriting/screenwrting and have taught
both subjects at the college level. My scripts have done well in competition, including the Nicholl Fellowships. (My first screenplay was a Nicholl quarterfinalist in 1991, and my second script was a Nicholl semifinalist
in 1994.) I have a screenplay under option and in development with an established independent producer. Yet my "promising career" has been "bogged down" for several months. I seem to be stuck in "neutral" with
people saying they love my work, yet not doing much with it. I think one of my problems may be my agent, but I'm not sure. Any progress that I make seems to come because I make the calls, find the contacts
and send in my material. How can I get my "career" in gear?? Ref 149. Dear Linda,
I am a 24 year old male who has always dreamed of being an actor.
I don't have much experience, but I know it's in my blood. My problems
are: I live in a no-name town(Reading,PA), I don't have money to travel,
and my parents have always thought it a pipe dream. I always here how
this actor/actress was "discovered", when will it happen to me? Any
advice or help?
My EMail is LEvans6076@aol.com
Thank You!!
Eric Evans

Ref 155. Linda, Thanks for your response. I will contact you as soon as I get to L.A. KAZ

Ref 156. Hiya Linda! Hope you're havin' fun with this. I've got the One-good-screeplay-lots-more-where-that-came-from-looking-for -an-agent blues. I'm also developing quite the "Loser-Box" with rejections just from query letters I've sent. Any ideas? Be glad to email ya' a drink from the local bar. I'm also at: 104503.2004@compuserve.com Thanks.

Ref 158. Dear Linda,
I read through your questions and responses, I wondered if you could give me some input on personal managers. I've recently signed with an SAG agency. But wondered if I need a manager. I
am a 13 year old girl. I've done alot of local theatre, and have been taking acting classes for over a year. I'd like to be sent on alot of auditions, and have heard that managers can get you out there too! Any input you have would be appreciated. Also how does one go about finding a reputable manager. My mom contacted SAG, who referred her to the National Conference of Personal Manager, they only had 2 to refer us to, and one told us he already has 4 girls my age with my look. If you could reply to my question it would be much appreciated.
Thank you so very much,

Ryan Joanna Shepherd Ref 159. Dear Linda: Is there any place in LA or NY for a Latino with an MFA, and PhD in American Studies. My friends tell me I'm too creative for academia. Would I have to start at the bottom? Best, Joel

Ref 160. Dear Linda:
I am moving to LA soon, I am into screenwriting, directing, and pretty much everything off camera.
I am handicapped, and that is an un-specified minority. I heard it is Extremley difficult to find
work in the film industry when your hadicapped. This in no way effects my work, but the
the feelings of everyone else states differently. any advice?

Bill O'Reed ( future Oscar holder )

Ref 161. Dear Linda,
I am a novice who just completed his first script. I've registered it and am in the process of hustling it. I've ordered your book, but I'm still at a loss. Wtihout the internet I feel that I have done my work in a cave, with little or no professional help. My next step is to enter my script in contests. Is this the best route? From what I gather most agents won't even look at a new writer unless they have a referral. How do I get a referral. The only other writers I know are the one's I met at WGAw when I registered.
You can email me at gregls@earthlink.net
Thanks a lot Greg Simons

Ref 162. Ms. Buzzel, four years ago I attended a creative conference in Chicago and you were a featured
speaker. I had the opportunity to meet you and you even signed your
book "How to...". You gave me invaluable advice (Thanks!), and I took
it. At that time I had just graduated college, and was very green.
Now I'm in Portland, Oregon acting in local commercials,print, etc.
with an agent. I completed 1st screenplay, and on to next. Studying
with Jessica Stuart who studied with Strasberg. My point is you had
a big hand in my inspiration through your book, and now I'm actually
"doing it." I'm making the big jump into the Hollywood cesspool this
fall, and need advice on contacts that might represent me based on my
talents and agent reputation now. Just need to get in the door. I
would love to chat with you when I get to LA no matter how brief. I
already know I'm going to make it, I just need a compass. Any response
you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I know you're busy but please!... :)

Ref 195. LINDA BUZZELL'S REPLY TO REF 159, JOEL: What is your career goal in showbiz? If you're not sure, take the quiz in the "Focus" chapter of my book and then check out the chapter that list all the industry jobs and what they require. Once you've done that, I don't see any reason why, with your background, you shouldn't be able to find at least an entry level job. And, yes, many careers in the biz will probably want you to start at the bottom, as a sort of apprenticeship. Another option, since you're an academic: why not move to LA as a professor (in media studies?) and network your way into the industry that way? Good luck!

LINDA BUZZELL'S REPLY TO REF 162 IN PORTLAND, OREGON: See if you can get a referral from your local agent to an LA agent. Also ask everyone you know in the biz in Oregon (including the film commission people) to refer you to at least one or two people in LA who can refer you to agents, producers, directors etc. Good luck in your move to Hollywood this fall! Call me at (310) 553-9660 to get a free brochure on the Entertainment Industry Career Institute.

Ref 164. Dear Ms. Buzzell,
I am a Sophomore in college. I'm interested in writing scripts and production. With my friend, who is at directing school, we plan to move into showbiz. I am currently fininshing my first script. Do you have any tips on how a guy like me, with no connections, and only what I think in a good script, can get his foot in the door of Hollywood?

Thank You
Tom email Mcateerp@emh1.pa.net

Ref 165. Dear Ms. Buzzell,
I am a recent graduate with a degree in television broadcasting. I have
a passionate interest in not only television but film because of the
creativity involved with a strong preferance for editing. What I would
like to know is how do I go about making contact with people in the
entertainment field who can help me attain this goal. I know that no
matter where I go I would start in an entry level position, I would
just like some advice on how to attain such a position so I can finally
start working at somthing I despately love.

Thank You
Adrienne Burgess
email badrien@uakron.edu

Ref 167. I am 19 yrs old and really want to get into the special efffects
part of movie making.I've looked around and kind seem to find any
info on how to get involved in that aspect.Are there courses or
schools that offer training?How can I get into this area?
thanks Dave.

Ref 176. LINDA BUZZELL'S REPLY TO REF 143, JASON: Where do you live? Start by asking your high school counselor for advice on top drama departments near you and around the country. If you can, go to school in New York or L.A. Also check out your local film commission for advice on local agencies. And join local theatre groups for acting experience and referrals. Good luck!

LINDA BUZZELL'S REPLY TO REF 144, EGYPTIAN GRAD OF AMERICAN UNIVERSITY IN CAIRO: An MFA from a top US school like USC, UCLA or NYU should be recognized around the globe, plus will give you a good network of fellow students/professors as colleagues throughout your career. An alternate route: train in the mail room of a major agency. See my book "How to Make It in Hollywood," 2nd edition (HarperCollins Publishers) for further info. If you have trouble finding it in Cairo, call my office at (310) 553-9660 and I'll send you a brochure and order form. Good luck!

Ref 178. LINDA BUZZELL'S REPLY TO REF 146: As famed film critic Pauline Kael used to say, "in Hollywood they can kill you with encouragement." See the section on the "Hollywood Sniffing Ritual" on p189 of the second edition of my book. And don't blame your agent! Keep on pitching...


LINDA BUZZELL'S REPLY TO REF 167, DAVE: See above. Post and special effects are really exciting right now. There are a lot of classes around now on digital post and digital FX in many areas of the country (where are you located?). For a top school, contact 1-800-SSTUDIO, Silicon Graphics' training arm in Santa Monica, CA. The classes aren't cheap, but you'll be trained quickly on state of the art equipment. Good luck!

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