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Your Hollywood Career File Drawer #10

Ref 372. Dear Linda,
Thank you so very very much for your reply. I went out today during lunch and purchased your book. I also left a message for Mr. Jeff Gordon. I will definitely keep you informed. Many blessings to you and yours. Jana

Ref 373. DEAR LINDA,
I am a 25 year old telecommunications student at the University of Florida. I am very interested in writing and acting, and I have my sights set very high. I have worked on several projects, and I have several in the works. I will graduate next year, and my question is...there is not much helpful information on how to break into the business down here in Florida, however it is booming throughout the state. Is there a contact of organization that I should get in contact with to make my efforts easier? Thank you for your consideration.

Ref 374. Linda,

I have a great Idea for a halarious film but I dont know what to do. I can act and the film involves a skit my friend and I do, so it would be cool if we could star. I know a lot of people write to you but I know that this one could go somewhere. Its Called "The Adventures of Buckith & Claude" If you culd Email me I would be forevere in your debt

Your's in the Biz

Brian Kruz

Ref 375. Hi Linda,
Thanks for this column, and your book which I read before moving here to LA five years ago. I've been working in the costume dept - designing, coordinating, supervising, building, etc. for film and TV since then.
I'm no longer satisfied with this work, and want to move into creative producing, ultimately starting my own production company. I've done alot of research and believe I have all the necessary traits to produce. BUT- how to get there from here? I'm studying story analysis and hope to get some work reading. I'm very bright, and have always been offered to stay on or move up in past employments. I'm afraid, however, that my age (40) and experience may prevent my being hired by those younger than I who fear for their jobs or know I'll sail through the reader dept. onto development. What do you think? Any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance, JCZ

Ref 376. LINDA BUZZELL'S REPLY TO REF 372, JANA: Hope you're enjoying my book!

LINDA BUZZELL'S REPLY TO REF 373, FLORIDA TELECOMMUNICATIONS STUDENT: Why not ask your professors for contacts? And the other students? And don't forget the Florida Film Commission, which keeps track of all film/TV projects happening in the state. Maybe you could do an internship at one of the local production companies or studios! Good luck!

LINDA BUZZELL'S REPLY TO REF 374, BRIAN KRUZ: Why not make the film yourself, even if it's on broadcast quality video? Or team up with some students from a local film school who have access to equipment? Or make it as a TV show on public access? The best way to launch your career is make a project that demonstrates your talent. Best of luck!

LINDA BUZZELL'S REPLY TO REF 375, JCZ: Why not call me at (310) 553-9660 so we can set a session to discuss your career crossover into creative producing? I look forward to talking with you soon. If you'd like a free brochure that describes the consulting I do, just leave a fax number or address.


I`m 15 years old, and i love singing and acting.Can you please show
me the way. Im living in switzerland, but I wanna move.
Can you please tell me the best actor school.
I wanna make some music like:hip-hop beats with pop, blues
jazz.Can you please tell me good adresses were I can for a
stay in my holydays? for all whats with singing and acting.
or only singing and only acting.
tannkks al lot marialuiza
my adress:
Marie-Louise Stoffel
Berglistrasse 11
9320 Arbon
Tel:071 4462888

Ref 379. Hello from the UK. I'm Brandon and at university at the moment. I have a love for scriptwriting and would like to send my completed script to people or places that would consider using it. As i am not situated in the USA, is it possible for me to send peple my scripts? and do you have any contacts which i could forward my screenlpay to.

Thank you in advance.


Ref 380. By the way my add. is

Ref 381. Hi, Linda. I'm a recent college grad in Columbus, Ohio, who's produced and directed some video shorts. The latest one I'm entering in a local video festival. I'm also interning at a video production company.
I want to work in the film industry as a producer and possibly direct my own film, but see little opportunity here. Do I just send out unsolicited resumes to production companies on the west coast?
Starting in April, I have an internship with the Ohio Film Commission but unfortunately it's unpaid. What are the next steps I should take to realize this dream of mine? Thanks.

Dagfinn Senturia

Ref 382. Linda, I'm a former Creative Executive living in LA and I've decided to make a switch to researching for reality-based programming such as A&E, Court TV. etc. I'm having a very difficult time finding any job openings. Do you have any suggestions?

Ref 383. Dear Linda,
I have an interest in Screenwriting, and for one of my Literature classes at Cal Poly Pomona (CA) I wrote a screenplay adapted from the story -Life in the Iron Mills- by Rebecca Harding Davis. I was wondering if I need permission to adapt from a novel. What do I do next? Contact the Writer's Guild? Thank you for taking the time to help. Amanda.

Ref 384. Linda,
This is great, I read your book in two days after I bought it, and then about three months later I was just surfing around looking for some screenwriters resources and caught this place and was like Hey I know that name. So I wanted to say thanks your book was great it pointed me in the right direction, and I wanted to ask you this. I found a guy who is selling a book about what to do when sending you spec script out to get agents to read it. He says he has tips and what you should do before actually sending out the screenplay, like he mentioned an inquiry letter and some other stuff. He's charging about 20$ for it and I was wondering if you think I should shell out the cash. I am planning on writing the Writer's Guild and get a list of the Agents that rep writers and my plan was basically to send them all a copy of the script. OK to sum up, should I spen the cash on these tips, and do you have any tips on what to do when I go to send my screenplay out? But I wanted to say hello, thank you for your great book. Geographical Info right, I am attending East Carolina University in North Carolina, majoring in Theater/Computer Science, planning on going to Grad School in film. My Power Roladex right now consists of Theater friends who have been in a couple of films, and a pal who has a part in Dawsons Creek, so I am basically just starting this long journey into the biz, and again I'd like to say Thank You, I wish I could give you a high five or something, you helped get me really hyper and motivated and just on the right track, thanks.
Nicolle C. Jones

Ref 385. Linda,
HI! My name Dominique Brun, I am 12 years old, and my dream is to be an
actress. I live in Hawaii which is far away from California where I
hear most of the auditions are. I am very funny, and can make lots
of people laugh. Almost everyone I know tells me that I should be an
actress. Please help me, and give me all the information you possibly
can. It would mean a lot to me. My email address is
Thanks a lot!!!

Ref 388. LINDA BUZZELL'S REPLY TO REF 378, MARIE-LOUISE: I suggest that you buy my book HOW TO MAKE IT IN HOLLYWOOD, Second Edition, published by HarperCollins. You can buy it on-line from As for drama schools, most top-notch universities have excellent drama departments. If you're interested in acting in Hollywood, I suggest you apply to schools in New York or LA. Good luck!

LINDA BUZZELL'S REPLY TO REF 379, BRANDON: Your best bet might be to enter some script contests. They are mentioned in most of the scriptwriting magazines, including "script" and "Creative Screenwriting," which may be available at your university library. If you win any of them, this is a feather in your cap that will help you as you approach agents, producers etc. Good luck!

LINDA BUZZELL'S REPLY TO REF 381, DAGFINN SENTURIA: Unpaid internships are a great way to go. You can also order the internship issue of the Entertainment Employment Journal. Call (818) 901-6330. Good luck!

LINDA BUZZELL'S REPLY TO REF 382, FORMER CREATIVE EXEC: I suggest you join the International Documentary Association (IDA) and network like crazy. Their phone # is 310/284-8422. Tell them I sent you!

LINDA BUZZELL'S REPLY TO REF 383, AMANDA: Yes, indeed, you do need permission to adapt another author's work. Contact the publisher of the book and ask for the film rights division. They will tell you if someone else has already optioned or purchased the property and if it's available to you. If it is, tell them you're a budding producer/writer and is it possible to have an extremely low cost option for a period of time. Or, better yet, contact entertainment attorney Mark Litwak who's also on the faculty here at the Hollywood Network and get his advice about how to handle this kind of thing! Best of luck...

Ref 390. LINDA BUZZELL'S REPLY TO REF 384, NICOLLE JONES: Glad you enjoyed my book! I can't recommend the book on tips for submitting scripts unless I know who the author is. Do you have that info? Usually the query letter is a better (and cheaper) idea than sending your full script to every agent. Good luck and let me know how it goes...

LINDA BUZZELL'S REPLY TO REF 385, DOMINIQUE BRUN: I suggest that you order the catalog from the Samuel French bookshop in Los Angeles, 213/876-0570 and check out the books on how to get started in an acting career. You may also want to get my book "How to Make It in Hollywood" and also "Glam Scam," by Eric Joseph which tells you how to be very careful to protect yourself as a young actor. Also I suggest you contact the drama departments at your local colleges and universities and see what they offer for actors. And are you active in drama at your school? I hope so, as that's great training too. Good luck, and write back if you have any more questions.

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